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Selling your home with Ivy & Stone

You're selling your home and you want it sold for the highest price, in the quickest timeframe, with the least amount of stress. You deserve more than just a board and an online listing. Pricing your home strategically to encourage viewings whilst keeping it competitive in the current market is only the start to getting your home sold. Selecting the right Estate Agent to sell your home will dictate your success.  

Not all estate agents are the same.

Why are we different? - Take a look below


How your home is presented can have a tangible impact on attracting potential buyers and how they perceive its value. We focus on capturing the best angles using professional photographers, videographers, and drone cameras with the latest technology.

Digital Staging

Many buyers find it challenging to visualise what a home could look like with different painted walls and furniture. To overcome this, we digitally amend the room image yet keep the proportions exactly the same. I also ensure the property advert is clear and transparent to avoid any confusion for buyers. Using technology to digitally ‘stage’ a room means our clients can avoid any physical changes/financial cost in updating their homes in preparation for sale. We can select the type of décor to suit the buyer type.

Pro-Active Social Media Adverts 

We deliver your advert to buyers on their phone, tablet or computer, wherever they are. Your property will receive a unique geo-targeted ‘boosting’ campaign on Facebook and Instagram using the latest social media profiling. Building awareness and reaching buyers that might not be actively looking but would if they knew a specific home was available to buy. In fact, 66% would consider buying but are not actively looking! With over 75% of local homeowners owning a social media account, we can blanket a radius around your home and ensure we pro-actively target every buyer possible. And the platform continues intelligently learning who are the right buyers for your property and finding more of them. 

Choose an agent that influences demand, not one that simple reacts.

Buyer Network

I work one to one with you to give a personalised service whilst living and working in your community, and I want you to benefit from my extensive agency network.

• Partnered with 80 Essex estate agents

• 400 UK estate agents 

• 194,000 worldwide agents across 54 countries

Ivy Stone is part of Keller Williams, the largest estate agency in the World, where all agents share resources and refer buyers and sellers - together. This ensures you have an ultra-local service with a global reach, adding both local, regional and international buyers - on mass.

Bespoke to you

Each client and each property deserve a bespoke strategy. A one size fits all approach may be easy to deliver for the agent yet will negatively impact the sale price. 

My approach to listing a home is simple; I appreciate you will choose a Woodford estate agent based on trust and competency. Consequently, I limit my client base in order to focus on your needs and give a high level of service. It’s always possible that after considered discussion we agree Ivy & Stone are not the right estate agency for what you want to achieve. We will reach that decision together and you will always get our honest opinion of what is best for you. 

Please call us on 0203 916 5262 to discuss selling your home. 

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Marketing Expertise in Woodford Green, West Essex, East London

I market your home across a broad range of multi-media platforms. Thus maximising your offer potential.

Jack Tuck
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Estate Agents in West Essex & East London. I dedicate to a select few to focus on a bespoke and ultra-personal service.
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