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Buying your home with Ivy & Stone

We don't just want to find you a property, we want to find you a home. The one that gives you ‘that’ feeling when you walk around it; the one that makes you emotional at the thought of it not being yours. 

As your local estate agent, we are always available to advise on how to get you ready to buy. Talking through your wants and identifying your needs. Your needs may take you in a direction you hadn't envisaged, leading you to a property that on paper doesn't match your list of wants yet where you know instantly... it's the one! 

We are here to guide you through the entire process, and trust me when I say we go through all the emotions with you every step of the way. 

Finding the right home

Did you know:

• A maximum of 3% of properties are on the active market at any time, and the average rate is actually 1%.

• This means 97%-99% of properties in every town are unavailable for you to view.

• We can target every off-market home that fits your criteria.

We like to spend considerable time helping our clients truly understand what they want and what they need. 

In any area, we believe every single house is on the market, whether the home is listed ‘for sale' or not. And whilst 50% of sales are from homeowners moving within seven years, the average is closer to twenty years. 

At Ivy & Stone we constantly analyse how we can give our clients a distinct advantage. The good news for you as a buyer is that we can proactively target 100% of the properties that match your criteria in a given area making the impossible possible from now on. 

How? - We have access to new technology that lists every single property and its attributes. By filtering against your requirements, including bedrooms, price, location, sq/ft, plot size etc. Armed with that knowledge we can contact the owners on your behalf - for free. 

Together we draw a digital map to establish where you wish to live and pinpoint the search location, and we go to work to do the rest. 


What is a buying agent? A Professional Negotiator.

As a selling agent, we are very aware of the language used and even a buyer's body language. 

We use our skills to negotiate on behalf of our clients, the seller, yet the buyer has no help.

No one in their corner, and it is often very new to them. 

As a buying agent, we switch sides and use our experience to benefit you.

• We will get you 'buyer ready' and in a great position

• Ensure the selling agent is fully aware of your intention to buy a property

• Negotiate using critical language without emotion. We have often been asked the biggest mistake a buyer can make, and it is a quick and easy answer - emotion.

Purchasing a new home is an exciting and sometimes stressful experience. When we find a property we love, we want it. The seller agent will pick up on your tone and work out your 'true' feelings.

As a buyer agent, we will negotiate without emotion. Instead, we become your emotional partner and screen you from the seller agent, ensuring we get the best result.

How do I charge for a negotiation service?

We work on performance, so we will get a cut of the saving we make for you. This means you can only benefit from our service.

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Marketing Expertise in Woodford Green, West Essex, East London

I market your home across a broad range of multi-media platforms. Thus maximising your offer potential.

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Estate Agents in West Essex & East London. I dedicate to a select few to focus on a bespoke and ultra-personal service.
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